2013 - 2015

Introduction 2013 - 2015
March 2013
Miroslav "Tik" Hodinar from Chomutov comes to Blue Eyes to provide vocals and mandolin playing

Sestava kapely od března 2013 do března 2015
Zleva: Stanislav Losenický, Miroslav Jílek, Marcela Salaková Mouchová, Jiří Tinka, Miroslav Hodinář


March 2013
Big crash in the band and the ways are parting .... three players decide to finish in Blue Eyes. bass player Standa Losenicky, mandolinist Miroslav Hodinar
as well as Jiri Tinka, banjo player who founded the band together with Marcela and stayed with us for 14,5 years.
We would like to thank all these gentlemen for their time in our band, especialy Jirka "Tina" Tinka who stayed the longest time. Thanks a lot for everything Tina !
Good luck to all of you !