About us

Introduction About us

Blue Eyes, bluegrass band from Ústí nad Labem, capital of Ustecky region in Northern Bohemia

was found during one colorfull autumn, year 2000. After searching of suitable musicans, who

would be willing to dedicate some of their time to the blugrass music, was Marcela Salaková

Mouchová, bandleader, guitarist and vocalist for the band successfull. The band will celebrate

its 18 years and current members are:



Marcela Salaková Mouchová - vocals,guitar        

Jaroslav Stach - banjo, vocals
Tomáš Alexa - vocals, mandolin, violin
Pavel Šlegr- vocals, bass guitar
Miroslav Jílek - Dobro, vocals


Information about Blue Eyes history and band´s alumni can be found here