2001 - 2002

Introduction 2001 - 2002
How went the time and people in Blue Eyes .....

2001 - 2002: Two Flies and Blue Eyes

At the threshold of the new millennium, Marcela's brother Jan B. Moucha , formerly in playing for the the ADEPT-COUNTRY group (1989 - 1996), joined the existing BLUE EYES group (Blue Eyes), thus creating bluegrass formation TWO FLIES & BLUE EYES. Honza Moucha returned to music after a four-year break filled with "searching, learning and life travel," equipped with his own texts and music and the taste of singing bluegrass "clearly" for people, that is, in Czech language. Along with him (but also solo) his sister, Marcela Mouchová. It is precisely because of this coincidence of circumstances and for the deeply rooted musical family tradition that siblings couple (TWO FLIES, i.e., two flies with blue eyes, supplemented by other members of the BLUE EYES group) , which in this form underlined separately the identity of the sibling couple, but also the identity of the BLUE EYES group. Specifically, the BLUE EYES group entertained the audience with bluegrass music as a separate group with only one "fly" named Marcela.
Band members (Two Flies and Blue Eyes) from April 2001 to March 2002
Back row from lef: Marcela Mouchová, Jan Moucha, Jiří Tinka,  
Front row from left: Jaromír Šruma, František Fišer